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Weekly Hedging Strategies Performance from FY18 - 22

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the FAQ's you might have

How much returns have you achieved till date?

With Weekly Hedging Strategies I could able to achieve 58.2% compounded annual returns starting with capital of 2L in 2017 & now the trading capital is around 11L.

In my trading performance you can see, I had achieved up-to 20L in March 2022, but suffered heavy losses their after, I will explain that in next question.

Why their is draw-down in Trading capital from May 2022, What is the reason?

From April 2017 when I started Weekly Hedging strategies I used to look for Open Interest Data, Futures OI & Technical chart to make a view for trading,

But from March 2022 Options Chain Data has became irrelevant & because of this my strategies failed, Also the capital had reached 20L which psychologically I wasn’t prepared to handle big positions. 

I hope I could able to answer your question, for more specific query you can schedule a call with me down below!

How do you recover or trade in coming days are you changing your trading strategy?

Yes, absolutely! I will be changing the trading strategy from weekly to bi-weekly or monthly Options because I feel the weekly Options Premium are less lucrative while compared to monthly Options.
If you want to learn on how I do you can schedule a call with me form the link below.

Are you happy with the current returns? And can this returns be achievable consistently!

Yes! Before the draw-down came I was aggressively trading bigger quantity not realizing the realistic returns, yes some people could able to achieve 200% also, but I was not prepared for it!

So, even achieving 58.2% CAGR after the draw-down feels me more confident that in coming days I will do better by approaching bi-weekly or monthly Options.

If you compare the returns with traditional FD or Mutual Funds, I believe this is worth taking the risk!

Comparison Table: Fixed Deposits vs Mutual Funds vs Options Hedging Strategies
Investment Vehicle Annual Returns Returns on 2L over 4 years
Fixed Deposits 6.5% 58844
Mutual Funds 15% 149801
Options Hedging Strategies 58.2% 896702
Fixed Deposit vs Mutual Fund vs Options Hedging Strategies Returns

Meet The Trader

options trading course
Mahabaleshwar [CFA® Derivatives]

Welcome to the Trade Psychology community, My name is Mahabaleshwar and I have over 7 years of experience trading Futures and Options.

Through consistent growth of my capital using Index Options Strategies, I have developed a deep understanding of the markets and the psychology behind successful trading.

In this community, I am excited to share my knowledge and help traders of all levels achieve their financial goals by mastering the following three key elements:

  • Traders need research and analytical skills to monitor broad economic factors and day-to-day chart patterns that impact financial markets.
  • Self-control is crucial, as well as the ability to regulate emotions despite developments that could be upsetting.
  • Accurate record-keeping is important for trader accountability and for learning and improving.
  • Treat trading like a business, not a hobby or a job.
  • You need to know the importance of technical indicators
  • Learn how to use data & analytics to improve your trading

There is even a saying in the industry — 90% of Retail Traders lose 90% of their money within 90 days!

Firstly, let me define what I mean by a Professional Trader — someone performing a controlled function trading other people’s money, either on a proprietary trading desk in an Investment Bank, or in a Hedge Fund.

Professional Traders do not include the guys on Twitter calling themselves “Professional Traders”. These are almost always Retail Traders simply pretending to be Professional Traders!

Professional Traders have a longer term outlook in which there first goal is capital preservation, and second goal is growth. In other words, the initial and primary goal is to simply NOT lose money, or at least protect themselves from significant losses.

So overall, they aim to get rich slowly with a sustainable strategy. To trade in a way that will potentially allow us to trade forever, because we don’t want to “blow up” our trading account, there are lot of things I want to teach you, So why don’t you watch our Free Course completely, I tried to explain in simpler terms. Thank you!

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What people are saying?

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A hard working team, knowledgeable & truthful. Not everyone shares all the losses and accept them in a forum. Team makes sure clients get value for the money. Weekly/Bi-weekly session is a bonus 🙂


Good Webinar it was. Real eye opener .
Even retired people with sound mindset and zest to learn new techniques can earn good amount of money and live life happily, without burden to sons, daughters.

Shrikant Dhamorikar

very good sessions, the method of interaction is excellent and instructors have the mastery of the subject. I wish there was a live Q&A session once a week other than those on Sundays.

manish kochhar

Excellent as always. Strategies well explained.
Importantly sound advise about how and when to trade.
Thank you very much

Amitava Sengupta

Inaugral session was really good mahableshwar sir answered even the basic queries generally he takes advance sessions with experienced traders


Renewed thoughts with restructuring programs. Continuing efforts from mentor!

V Devanathan

I am new to the option class, contents looks bit confusing but I am trying to understand and Mahabaleshwar Sir teaching method is awesome.


It was great session to start . Got good clarity for foundation concept Hope we will be able to adopt , understand and follow your method after getting some live support of the mentors as you said. Thanks for such a wonderful online education model.


Marathon sessions and repeated revisions of several examples, detailed explanation of Strategies and execution process !

Pranit Nagwekar

One of the best trainer i have encountered, till date. Excellent and understandable explanation, without showing any irritation, even to the repeated questions... every time i gain knowledge. God bless you and your team
They have a good full fledged course designed for serious long term traders.


Wonderful, the real guy who is interacting with people, not like others who are charging just for meetings...Slow but consistent growth,,,

Kranti Sanglam

Happy to hear very frank and candid feedback all what he brought out speaks volumes about your approach.


It was fantastic introduction to the world of futures and options trading. I have already enrolled to both courses and also plan to join the monthly option strategy premium group.

Milind Gade

You always answer all questions. Explain the strategies well and simple. Very nice

Ashish K

bahot accha hai time pe start hotta hai webinar aur sir bahot accchi tarh expalin karte hai

Hitesh gami

You are really patient in answering all sorts of questions. Admire your skills.

Rajesh Allem

Amazed with the YoY consistency and that too even during a downturn. Really looking forward to learn from you




Very impressed with the way you explained the concepts. Also, you talk in very simple language & passing on genuine knowledge. looking forward to fruitful two months.


Good informative session. Ideal for people who have at least some basic information on options.
They have a good full fledged course designed for serious long term traders.


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