Mastering Derivatives Trading

Discover the world of futures and options trading through our user-friendly designed courses.

Skills you Need to Learn

Learn valuable strategies for managing risk, identifying profitable opportunities and make informed trades. Suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

Price Action Analysis

Price Action Analysis is a method for understanding and predicting financial market movements by studying historical price data and patterns.

It helps traders and investors make informed decisions by analyzing raw price information, like candlestick patterns and support/resistance levels, to gauge market sentiment and identify potential entry/exit points.

Option Chain Analysis

Option Chain Analysis involves evaluating a list of available options contracts for an asset, helping traders make informed decisions about strike prices, expiration dates, and market sentiment.

It's crucial for managing risk and optimizing option trading strategies.

Hedging Strategies

Options Strategies are specific trading approaches employed in financial markets using options contracts.

These strategies involve the use of various combinations of call and put options to achieve specific objectives, such as hedging against price fluctuations, generating income, or speculating on market movements.

Institutional Data Analysis

Institutional Data Analysis often involves using advanced analytics, statistical methods, and data visualization techniques to uncover valuable information and improve decision-making.

Master Trading Psychology

The key to achieving long-term trading success lies not only in market analysis and strategy but also in understanding and mastering the psychology behind it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the FAQ's you might have

How much investment do I need to get started with Options Trading?

In this workshop we will be discussing Hedging strategies so due to the recent reduction in margin from SEBI you need 40-60 thousand to get started

Why Options trading is better than Stocks Trading?

Following are the advantage of Options Trading:

  • Options trading requires less capital compared to stocks when compared to return on Investment
  • In Stocks you make money only when market moves in your direction, but in Options trading you can make money irrespective of direction
  • In Options Trading you can plan risk defined strategies in any market scenario, But not possible in Stock trading

I work a full-time Job; Can I make money trading Options?

Yes, absolutely! The weekly Hedging strategies we teach are specially for working professionals, where you can earn consistent income weekly with risk defined strategies

How much returns have you achieved this year?

For this year we are sitting with profits of 62.62%, Till last few years we had achieved 42.86% returns with Nifty & Bank Nifty weekly Options with draw-down of -7% , Along with weekly Options we do trade Expiry day selling which generated a combined returns of 76.13% with weekly Options.

Why we need to know FII positions?

FII’s are the foreign Institutional traders who are engaging 90-95% of overall volume so, when they take positions they actually move the market accordingly, so the best way is to follow the Institutional traders to make consistent returns.

Do you conduct live sessions during the course?

Yes, In all our training programs we conduct weekly live session where we discuss in detail on how to trade weekly or monthly Options Hedging Strategies