What we teach

Learning with trade psychology for only 20 minutes a day can teach you the skills needed to generate the income you’ve been dreaming about..

Technical Analysis

Learn basic technical indicators for identifying short term & medium term trends.

Mobile Trading

Master trading skills to trade independently with your smartphone from anywhere!

Portfolio Management

Learn the essence of investing in stocks & maintaining the stocks for long term benifits.

Beginners Guide

Understanding basics of stock market from top investors & traders to upgrade your trading skills

Options Stratagies

Learn various options strategies & how to implement them on varying market conditions.

Trading Pscyhology

Learn how psychology in trading affects your decision making & how to improve win ratio

Make money while you sleep!

But let’s be honest, if you want a passive income for life, you have to get to the point where you have assets earning for you!

(yes, even while you’re sleeping)


Choose one of our paths to start building passive income




Blogging is the cheapest way to start creating passive income, Learn how to blog!




Never depend on single income, make investment to create a second source of income!




The key to trading success is emotional discipline. Learn how to win the game of trading!

Options Trading Courses

Following are the most demanded E-course developed for Options traders to learn how to trade options profitably

Nifty50 Options Trading

Learn how to trade Nifty50 options intraday for consistent profits!

BankNifty Options Trading

Learn how to trade Bank Nitfy intraday options for consistent profits!

Basics of Options trading

Understand the basic terminology in options trading & how to use them!

Technical Analysis

Master the basics of technical analysis & how to apply them realtime!

Trading Pscyhology

Learn the psychology behind consistent profits in options trading!

Trading Performance!

Learn how to generate consist profits from intraday options with mobile trading as added advantage!

How to generate consist income from Options Trading!

Intraday options trading in Nifty & BankNifty Index is the most consist way to generate passive income.


  • Advanced Learning management system
  • Weekly Trade Reviews
  • Live webinars
  • Free Beginner E-courses