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Following courses have been designed based on our past 5 years of trading experience that finally helps us to generate consistent profits every month.

options trading framework

0. Options Trading Framework

Get started with Options Trading Framework

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successful traders

Community Discussion

Learn successful Options Trading Strategies from our community members

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FII data analysis

FII Data Analysis with Case Studies

Learn how to follow FII data with in-depth case studies & examples

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Intraday Strategies

Intraday Trading Strategies

Learn the most profitable Intraday pattern trading strategies

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future and options trading free course

Learn How to trade Future & Options Profitably by following FII data!

Learn how to trade Nifty & Bank Nifty future and options profitably by analyzing Institutional Data.
Complete the course to get free FII data sheet!

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trading psychology

Learn Trading Psychology

Learn to master emotions & follow the logic to achieve consistency in trading.

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mobile trading course

Mobile Trading Strategies

Learn to follow technical Intraday setups with mobile trading app

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learn options hedging adjustments

Options Hedging Adjustments

Learn in-depth case studies on Options Hedging Adjustments.

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options trading master course

Options Trading Master Course

The Only Intensive Training Course,
That Teaches You How To place consistent
& Profitable trade setups with weekly options Step-By-Step!

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options trading success stories india

Options trading success stories

Learn from success stories on how are they implementing strategies

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Weekly Hedging Strategies

Learn highly profitable weekly hedging strategies for Index Options.

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