Choosing right broker

Following are the topics covered in this lesson:

  1. Agenda & topics covered
  2. How to trade with Upstox?
  3. How to build Hedging Strategy?
  4. How to execute trade with Upstox?
  5. How to analyze Hedging Strategy with Payoff?
  6. How to modify Payoff Diagram?
  7. How to analyze hedging positions in Upstox?
  8. How to trade in Zerodha platform?
  9. How to manage positions in Upstox?
  10. How to exit positions in Upstox & Zerodha?
  11. Choosing the right trading platforms
  12. How to follow Options Framework?

How to Open Demat account with Upstox?

During options trading you need to place multiple orders at time to form the proper Hedge, but only few brokers allow you to do so, one of the broker we recommend is UPSTOX where in they provide inbuilt Options Strategy Builder to place multiple orders.

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Contact: Shrikant +91 740 6181 477

To know how these Options strategies work you need to experiment with strategy builder & understand the payoff analysis, Following are the tools you need to know:

  1. Opstra Options Strategy Builder [Free Tool]

Before trading Options Hedging strategies you need to do know how to analyze the data, which we will be guiding you with the following tools:

  1. Weekly Market Sentiment Analyzer: Helps you to predict market sentiments by inputting all data points
  2. FII Data Analysis: Helps to get daily FII market positions
  3. P&L tracker: Helps you to analyze your trading performance

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