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In positional trading we plan to capture gains with weekly Hedging strategies with Nifty & Bank Nifty weekly Options.



How much we have made till now?

If you want to learn “How to make consistent profits with weekly Options?”, then “Options Trading Master Course” is the best choice for you.

Basics of Options

Learn from basics to advanced Options Hedging strategies with white board animation

Don't predict the market

Make money consistently irrespective of the market direction

Stress Free Trading

Learn how to Hedge weekly Options with risk defined strategies

Back-tested Results

Follow our back-tested weekly Hedging strategies which gives consistent returns

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Follow our trades on Nifty & Bank Nifty weekly Options

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Following are the advantage of Options Trading:

  • Options trading requires less capital compared to stocks when compared to return on Investment
  • In Stocks you make money only when market moves in your direction, but in Options trading you can make money irrespective of direction
  • In Options Trading you can plan risk defined strategies in any market scenario, But not possible in Stock trading
Yes, absolutely! The weekly Hedging strategies we teach are specially for working professionals, where you can earn consistent income weekly with risk defined strategies

Our “Options Trading Master Course” is designed from basic step-by-step approach that will guide you with proven case-studies & examples, where you can learn within 15 days.

For FY 19-20 we had achieved 42.86% returns with Nifty & Bank Nifty weekly Options with draw-down of -8% in a month, Along with weekly Options we do trade Expiry day selling which generated a combined returns of 76.13% with weekly Options.

We started publishing our weekly trades from March 2017, where we started with 2,00,000 and within 3 years we had grown into 9,30,000 trading only Nifty & Bank Nifty weekly Options strategies

Based on our trading experience we have developed a logic in analyzing weekly market direction based on following parameters:

  • Technical Setup
  • Options Chain
  • FII positions
  • Futures Data &
  • Global sentiment,

which gives more precised direction of market expect to move over a period of week that helps us to profit form Hedging strategies. We will be giving the sheet for Free if you purchase our course.

FII’s are the foreign Institutional traders who are engaging 90-95% of overall volume so, when they take positions they actually move the market accordingly, so the best way is to follow the Institutional traders to make consistent returns.

When It comes to Intraday trading no patterns works perfect, you need to back-test these patterns to know which patterns works best for you, In our “Intraday Trading Master Course” we have explained 4 best Intraday trading setups with live trades So, you can just follow these patterns to achieve consistency.

Yes, all the Master Courses includes back tested case-studies with past 3 months of verified trade results with INDEX weekly Options.

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