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Join to the new advanced learning management system, where you can learn E-courses with your own E-dashboard, where you can track your learnings, Course completion Etc.

What We Offer

Following are the features of Advanced learning management system

E- Course modules

Entire course will be in Modules, where you can go through entire course content

Video lessons

Each module has video lessons can watched Live streaming

Case Studies

Each course has been carefully crafted with case studies where you can learn practically

Progress Tracking

You can track each lesson and also your learning progress will be monitored

Lessons Plans

E-Course has been divided into lessons where you can review course content

Training certificates

By completion of each course certificates will be issued to each individual

Our Most Popular Courses

Following are the most demanded E-course developed for Options traders to learn how to trade options profitably

What People Are Saying

Good, simple and to the point. I really loved the Repeatable patterns part! I think more indicators would be a great addition to this course.

Abhilash K

Two thumbs up! This course thoroughly explains the use of the important charts and indicators that beginner investors should look into.

 Highly recommended.

Amol c

The Instructor’s teaching style is very good but the course was shorter than I anticipated but it was still worth it…

Dayanand Sundaram

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Free Courses

Sign up for Nifty 1 minute Free course, where you will learn observation skills of Nifty Intraday trading range, How to identify trends, basics of options etc.

Premium Courses

The premium course has been designed for dedicated traders who want to learn in depth about Intraday options trading, with proven strategies for consistent profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to learn how to trade, how do I start?

The first step is to get acquainted with all the basic information available on our website, which gives you an insight into how to trade and what affects market prices.

Open a free account on Zerodha (Click Open an Account) and start trading!

What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis is the method of observation of historical price charts, with the aim of identification of a market trend and moments where it possibly may change.

Technical analysis helps us to develop strategies tools in order to evaluate price movements and different market conditions.

What is an Option?
  • An option is a contract to buy/sell a stock (underlyer).
  • Contract defines a fixed price at which stocks could be traded. This is called strike price.
  • Contract has a maturity date which is the date till the contract is valid.
  • The seller (called option writer) sells the contract to Buyer.
  • Buyer pays the price of the contract called premium to seller.
  • Buyer has the right, but not the obligation to buy/sell the stock(underlyer) at a fixed price (strike price).
How much money do I need to start Options trading Intraday?

At the beginning, You only need 4000 rupees in your trading account to buy premium.

We teach defined risk premium buying strategies for people with smaller accounts where you can choose your risk and your capital requirement of each trade through strategic strike selection.

Can I have a demo class, before signing for any course?
Of course you’ll get free training content as prerequisite for learning in depth about options trading!, Sign up for more features