Make Money in Stock Market  by learning Technical Analysis, Charts reading with basic to Advanced Technical Indicators which will help you predict the future price movements!

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Why this course is different from any other Technical Analysis course:

This course has been designed based on our 5 years of Trading experience by trading in Intraday options & Stocks. Well it is about Fast-tracking our 5 years of learning with this single course!

 We have started trading in stocks at the beginning where in stocks we could able to win or lose up to ±0.5% in single trade as the stocks are having circuit limits of 5% per day at the maximum.

After trading for 100’s of trades we were not able to grow our account as we expected by trading stocks, then we started using Leverage which forced us to find the most volatile scripts in Intraday.

Don’t worry about these terms like Volatility & Leverage etc… We have all covered the meaning & how it affects the trading scripts during Intraday trading in this course.


Why do we need to learn Intraday trading:

As we gained experience in Intraday trading of stocks we were attracted to options scripts (Nifty & Bank-Nifty) because, options are the most volatile scripts currently in Indian stock market.   

can you see above these are the Top 20 contracts traded in Indian stock market, where you’ll see only NIFTY & BANKNIFTY scripts with different strike prices.


Just take an example of BANKNIFTY 24500 PUT where it opened @151.15 high created was 362.60 & low was @151.15, can you imagine the volatility of this script!

If you had bought one lot (Qty: 20) @ let’s say 200 with investment of 4000 at the end of day your investment would be 6940 (which is 2940 in profits)

But, How will you know where to enter & exit! This is where you need to learn the Technical patterns which repeat most of the times, some of the technical chart patterns which repeat are:

How much money are we earning with Intraday trading:

As we are discussing about Intraday options, we have showcased our trading performance from past 2 years, where we were able to achieve 86.90% in FY17-18 & this year we had very good results too,

You can check out our Daily trading performance for FY18-19

Well Intraday trading is not only about Technical analysis, you need to learn more in-depth knowledge on how to select the right scripts to trade profitably. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Option?
  • An option is a contract to buy/sell a stock (underlyer).
  • Contract defines a fixed price at which stocks could be traded. This is called strike price.
  • Contract has a maturity date which is the date till the contract is valid.
  • The seller (called option writer) sells the contract to Buyer.
  • Buyer pays the price of the contract called premium to seller.
  • Buyer has the right, but not the obligation to buy/sell the stock(underlyer) at a fixed price (strike price).
How do I get started?
  • Scroll down, click the Enroll now button, checkout, and you’ll get immediate access to the course!
I would like to learn how to trade, how do I start?

The first step is to get acquainted with all the basic information available on our website, which gives you an insight into how to trade and what affects market prices.

Open a free account on Zerodha (Click Open an Account) and start trading!

What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis is the method of observation of historical price charts, with the aim of identification of a market trend and moments where it possibly may change.

Technical analysis helps us to develop strategies tools in order to evaluate price movements and different market conditions.

Can I have a demo class, before signing for any course?
Of course you’ll get free training content as prerequisite for learning in depth about options trading!, Sign up for more features
How much money do I need to start Options trading Intraday?

At the beginning, You only need 4000 rupees in your trading account to buy premium.

We teach defined risk premium buying strategies for people with smaller accounts where you can choose your risk and your capital requirement of each trade through strategic strike selection.

Is there a time limit to complete the course? How long do I have access?
There is no time limit to going through the content in this course. It’s a completely go-at-your-own-pace thing! Your access to the course doesn’t expire.
The Trading world is an ever-evolving and changing monster that you have to stay on top of if you want to win! This is why you get lifetime access to this content, including videos, worksheets, and any future updates to the course!

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