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Stock Markets are full of experts.

There is fundamental analysis and there is technical analysis. And then there are a plethora of technical indicators and charts.

Armed with so much firepower of data and analysis a trader sets out to trade.

His indicators tell him to enter a trade at Rs. 1130.

It is a day trade.

Same indicators tell him to exit at Rs. 1137.

The exit is done.

The lot size was 750. A profit of 5250 taken.

A good trade.

Only minutes later, there is another surge in price and stock keeps moving up and ends 4% higher at the end of day at Rs. 1175.

The trade which could have given you Rs. 45 was exited after taking Rs. 7 only.

This is what happens with most traders.

Sorry, this is not true.

Secrets in day trading in the stock market 1

What actually happens is that if the stock fell by Rs. 40, the trader will book a loss of Rs. 40 but while booking profit, it will be booked at 3–7 Rupees.

Sounds familiar.

It happens to everyone.

Still we do not learn.

After wiping out the initial capital, traders return to market again. This time they come with better technical analysis and better indicators.

The results remain the same.

Profits still remain a distant dream.


Why does this happen?

We have made trading very complicated.

It is quite unnecessary.

Most of the traders are small traders. They do not need bucket loads of data to enter one trade to get Rs. 1000–2000 profit.

Even big traders do not need it, but I am nobody to talk about them.

I like to tell stories.

A Small Story : Conversation between two guys A and B:

Secrets in day trading in the stock market 2

A: Can you tell me how many sheep are there in this herd?

B: Sure, there are 168 sheep.

A: Real smart. How did you count them so fast?

B: It was easy. I counted the legs and divided by 4. I do it quite often. I am a stock market analyst.

Most of the technical analysis is like the above example.

Doing the simple things in a complicated way.

It is like using a sledge hammer to drive a nail.

The trader gets awestruck by the number of strategies and data points and misses the most important point— Trade.

How to succeed in day trades or What are the secrets in day trading ?

There are two secrets.

Secrets in day trading in the stock market 3

They are so obvious still I call them secrets.

Because people are missing the wood for the trees.

They ignore the obvious and go in search of secrets.

I have stated them earlier and I repeat these two facts without following which, no profits can ever be made:

  1. Buy Low Sell Higher.
  2. Keep the loss in losing trade lower than the profits in winning trades.

Without (1), there can not be any profits.

And (2) is about loss management.

Some trades will go wrong and some will go right. Maintain the risk reward ratio.

Let me keep it simple.

Secrets in day trading in the stock market 4

Exit the losing trade at a fixed loss.

Keep waiting in a right trade. Protect the profit by trailing stop loss. Do not exit till the move ends or the day ends.

Easy to say but difficult to practice.

But who said making money was easy?

Profits will take care of themselves.

To understand more clearly on how to keep it simple stupid, watch below video!


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