Reading as a Hobby:

I read books primarily because I find it relaxing and a way to get away from reality. I started reading at a very young age and I believe I wasn’t really looking for any advantages or benefits then.

Anyways, over the course, some of the advantages of reading that I can perceive are as follows:

  • Improves your vocabulary – You can develop fluency in speaking English with rich vocabulary
  • Develops your imagination – A perfect example would be Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings
  • Stress buster – As a trader you need to come out of game, one such method is by reading book

Improving vocabulary and knowledge are the big advantages. Most of the knowledge you get seems to be “useless, superficial and irrelevant”, but over the years you will be surprised at how often these little bits of knowledge become helpful.

Do successful people read lots of books?

Most successful people do read books a lot. However I believe that nowadays, people don’t just read books. This is because we now have variety of sources of getting information from internet.

Some people are amazed with how fast people can read or the time they can take to read books. But you have to understand that they use certain techniques to read efficiently. Everyone has their own objective of why they want to read. There are people who just simply like to read. But you need to read right knowledgeable blogs & books which can really boost your carrier.

I’ve been surrounded by successful people, have many very successful close friends, and enjoy a great deal of success through entrepreneurial pursuits.

In my experience with friends and business associates I’ve found they either enjoy reading or they don’t. This will typically determine whether or not they read books.

Almost all successful people I know will read information specific to their field e.g. Wall Street Journal, business journals, trade magazines, and blogs/websites.

The most successful people I know are voracious readers. They read, and write, constantly. The subjects are diverse and are often unrelated to their area of professional specialties.

Following are 4 Must Read Books Every Financial Planner :


Either you’re an experienced trader or just the beginner, reading books will help you to have the better understanding of the world, give you mental strength and make you smart, especially if those books are about trading.