Learn how to trade Futures & Options Profitably by following FII data!

Following Institutional traders is the best way to generate consistent income from Nifty & Bank Nifty options

Futures & Options trading 2 Hour Live workshop

In this workshop following topics will be covered:

What you will learn?

Following are the most demanded skills required for a trader to be successful in his trading journey.

learn technical analysis

Technical Analysis

Learn basic technical indicators for identifying short term & medium term trends.

money management rules

Money Management

Understanding money management in trading is key factor for your trading success

Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology

Learn how psychology in trading affects your decision making & how to improve win ratio

fundamental analysis

Portfolio Management

Learn how to build wealth by managing your financial portfolio with risk defined strategies

record keeping

Trade Tracking

Learn how to track your trading performance and maintain consistency in your income

institutional data analysis

Institutional Data Analysis

Following Institutional data is the best way to generate consistent income trading

Learn from my experience

Maybe you’re ready to jump feet first into your trading career … or maybe trading is a side hustle, and you just don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re in a rut of losses and desperate to get out!

Mahabaleshwar [CFA® Derivatives]
  • Traders need research and analytical skills to monitor broad economic factors and day-to-day chart patterns that impact financial markets.
  • Self-control is crucial, as well as the ability to regulate emotions despite developments that could be upsetting.
  • Accurate record-keeping is important for trader accountability and for learning and improving.
  • Treat trading like a business, not a hobby or a job.
  • You need to know the importance of technical indicators
  • Learn how to use data & analytics to improve your trading

There is even a saying in the industry — 90% of Retail Traders lose 90% of their money within 90 days!

Firstly, let me define what I mean by a Professional Trader — someone performing a controlled function trading other people’s money, either on a proprietary trading desk in an Investment Bank, or in a Hedge Fund.

Professional Traders do not include the guys on Twitter calling themselves “Professional Traders”. These are almost always Retail Traders simply pretending to be Professional Traders!

Professional Traders have a longer term outlook in which there first goal is capital preservation, and second goal is growth. In other words, the initial and primary goal is to simply NOT lose money, or at least protect themselves from significant losses.

So overall, they aim to get rich slowly with a sustainable strategy. To trade in a way that will potentially allow us to trade forever, because we don’t want to “blow up” our trading account, there are lot of things I want to teach you, So why don’t you watch our Free Course completely, I tried to explain in simpler terms. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How much investment do I need to get started with Options Trading?

In this workshop we will be discussing Hedging strategies so due to the recent reduction in margin from SEBI you need 40-60 thousand to get started

Why Options trading is better than Stocks Trading?

Following are the advantage of Options Trading:

  • Options trading requires less capital compared to stocks when compared to return on Investment
  • In Stocks you make money only when market moves in your direction, but in Options trading you can make money irrespective of direction
  • In Options Trading you can plan risk defined strategies in any market scenario, But not possible in Stock trading

I work a full-time Job; Can I make money trading Options?

Yes, absolutely! The weekly Hedging strategies we teach are specially for working professionals, where you can earn consistent income weekly with risk defined strategies

How much returns have you achieved this year?

For this year we are sitting with profits of 32.26%, For FY 19-20 we had achieved 42.86% returns with Nifty & Bank Nifty weekly Options with draw-down of -8% in a month, Along with weekly Options we do trade Expiry day selling which generated a combined returns of 76.13% with weekly Options.

Why we need to know FII positions?

FII’s are the foreign Institutional traders who are engaging 90-95% of overall volume so, when they take positions they actually move the market accordingly, so the best way is to follow the Institutional traders to make consistent returns.

Will I get reminders before the workshop begins?

Yes, you will be reminded frequently  before the workshop via email & Whatsapp.

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