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How to earn from blogging?

Learning how to start a blog is the best decision I ever made.It gave me freedom to express my thoughts & document my experience online.

I had absolutely no background or experience with blogging when I got started on this path, but I was looking for a way to earn an income online passively!

Blogging helped me to quit the job, travel all India, work from anywhere, and have more financial freedom than I thought possible.

It can feel a bit overwhelming to learn how to start a blog and get started on this path. It’s easy to look at other successful people and think they have some “IT” factor that you don’t have.

I have written this guide to help you learn how to start a blog in just 30 minutes or less – without any website coding skills. In this guide, we will cover:

  1. How to start a blog?
  2. How to create articles?
  3. How to find relevant content?
  4. How to monetize your blog?
Let’s get started! But first, I want you to follow the steps below to start a blog the right way!

Step 1: Choose a Blog topic

This is a place where a lot of people get struck and end up delaying the entire process.

The truth is, you can make money in almost any topic you select. If there is interest in a specific topic, I can guarantee you that there are people out there making money in that space.

Earning money through blogging is more about learning who your audience is and how you can best deliver content and information to them.

It’s about building relationships and you can do this in any space.

To identify the best topic, Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you have professional experience in?
  • What are your hobbies? What do you really enjoy doing?
  • What your friends or family say about you? What do they go to you for advice?

Some great popular blog topics that are known to be profitable are:

  • Health & Fitness,
  • Home DIY and Crafts
  • Beauty & Fashion,
  • Finance & Investing
  • Self-Help, Recovery
  • Tech & Gaming
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Travel & Adventure

Next, you’ll want to choose your blog name. This isn’t something you should spend a lot of time on because it really doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. When in doubt, you can always use your personal name.

Find your personal domain by searching the availability from link below:

Step 2. Choose a website hosting

When learning how to start a blog, you need to understand the difference between:

  • Blogging – Where the content and design of your blog or website will live.
  • Hosting – This is what takes your blog online and makes it visible to everywhere.

Just like buying a new home, you need to buy a space on the internet where your new blog will be live.

There are many ways to host your website, but I prefer Workdpress Hosting because of the following benefits:

  • Easy to build website even you don’t know coding
  • Easy to write articles & format, just like you edit in MS word
  • Easy to add images & videos, just drag & drop!
  • Also its responsive to mobile users.

Below are some of the most popular WordPress Hosting services you can choose based on your budget:

Step 3: How to use WordPress?

When you signup with above links, they will automatically install WordPress for you. They launched this one-click WordPress installer to make it easier for non-tech users to create their website.

You simply need to login to your account, and then click the Login to WordPress button to get started. 

You can also login to WordPress dashboard by simply going to yoursite.com/wp-admin/ directly from your browser.

Once WordPress is setup, you’re ready to customize your website design by selecting a new template, and creating new pages.The visual appearance of your WordPress site is controlled by a WordPress theme.

WordPress themes are professionally designed templates that you can install on your website to change its appearance.

If you need to customize your WordPress based on your requirement, you can hire freelancer for low cost from the website below.

How to build an online business?

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