Intraday Options Trading Course

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Learn how to win Intraday trades by Mastering the Intraday  Trading patterns with live case studies & Mobile trading techniques to achieve consistency from Intraday Trading course.

What’s inside

Following are the key features:

  • Overall 4 modules with 18 Lessons
  • Animated video lessons & case studies
  • over 3+ hours of training content
  • Interactive live trade analysis
  • All lessons in Hindi / English language
  • Bonus topic on Mobile Trading
Intraday Trading Master Course 1

Money Management

24 minutes 16 seconds
Intraday Trading Master Course 2
Intraday Trading Master Course 3

Case studies

37 Minutes 54 seconds
Intraday Trading Master Course 4
Intraday Trading Master Course 5

Win Probability

36 minutes 24 seconds
Intraday Trading Master Course 6
Intraday Trading Master Course 7

Intraday Techniques

24 minutes 12 seconds
Intraday Trading Master Course 8
Intraday Trading Master Course 9

Intraday Strategies

46 minutes 18 seconds
Intraday Trading Master Course 10
Intraday Trading Master Course 11
Intraday Trading Master Course 12

Consistent Profits

28 minutes 12 seconds
Intraday Trading Master Course 13
Intraday Trading Master Course 14

Trading Plan

42 minutes 28 seconds
Intraday Trading Master Course 15
Intraday Trading Master Course 16

Mobile Trading

42 minutes 19 seconds
Intraday Trading Master Course 17

Course Content

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Week 1
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Week 2: Trading Psychology & money management skills
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Week 3: Intraday Trading Patterns
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Week 4: Mobile Trading Case Studies
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Intraday Trading Master Course 18

Learn from professional day traders in Intraday Trading Course

With our advanced mobile trading strategies you will learn:

  • How to execute trades with mobile
  • How to identify Intraday trading patterns
  • How to place trades with perfect trading plan


Got a questing about Intraday trading Master course, our FAQ’s should have the answers you were looking for! If you din’t got the right answer we have a Live chat feature on the right bottom, we are happy to answer you questions anytime!

What is an option?

An option is a contract that entitles the buyer to buy (call) or sell (put) a predetermined quantity of an underlying security for a specific period of time at a pre-established price. It is called a derivative investment, since the value of the option is derived from the price of the underlying security.

Who can enroll in this course?

Whether you are a Beginner, a regular trader or an Experienced market player, I know many people who even after working in the Industry for whole life could not determine the correct ways to work with Options. This course is for all of those who want to Learn the Art of Making Money in all Market Situations whether it is Uptrend, Downtrend, or even a Sideways Movement.

How can I learn this effectively?

I believe “Intraday Trading Master Course” has the most valuable content for options traders, Following are the features that will enhance you learning experience:

  • 4 modules with 18 interactive lessons
  • Animated video lessons with step-by-step approach
  • Practical case studies with Live examples
  • Mobile Trading techniques
  • Monthly trade reviews & Live Q&A sessions!

Course language?

This course has been completely built in Hindi language with Animated video lessons covering A-Z of Intraday trading.

Why do I need to trade Intraday?

Intraday trading offers benefits that can create quick profit with risk management opportunities that trading Index Future & options. Future & Options offer trading flexibility, increased leverage and limited and measured risk going into a trade. In addition to trading options for profit, many traders use options to increase returns and generate income from Index positions.

What will I learn from this course?

Following are the concepts you will learn:

  • Basics of Candlesticks chart & how to trade
  • The secrets of money management
  • Intraday Trading Patterns identification
  • Planning the perfect trades
  • Mobile trading strategies & techniques
  • Live trades on NIFTY & Bank Nifty options
  • Case studies on “How to win consistent profits from Intraday F & O trading?”etc…

What is mobile trading course?

Mobile trading E-course is one of the most interactive course, which has the following features:

  • How to use the ZERODHA KITE platform?
  • Indraday trading setups with chart reading
  • Nifty & Bank NIfty options trading stratagies
  • How to trade when working Full time?
  • How to manage Intraday trades?
  • Identifying entry points based on Indicators

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Technical Analysis

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Course Outline

Module 1: Everything about technical analysis

  • How to read candlestick charts?   15:18
  • How to trade breakout patterns? 06:57
  • How to trade Pullback patterns? 07:59
  • How to use statistics indicator? 05:01
  • How to plan the perfect trading setups? 06:39

Total  42:00 minutes


Module 3: Intraday options trading patterns

  • How to grow your small trading account exponentially? 18:55
  • How to identify repeatable intraday patterns? Part 1 11:35
  • How to identify repeatable intraday patterns? Part 2 10:54
  • How do we trade Intraday with Frame work? 10:41

Total  52:00 minutes

Module 2 : Trading Psychology & money management skills

  • Why are you not making profit in options trading? 05:25
  • How to grow the small trading account? 09:41
  • Why we cannot be the perfect trader? 06:09
  • The secrets of money management! 06:25
  • Is Intraday trading a kind of gambling? 07:38

Total  36:00 minutes



Module 4 : Mobile trading Case-studies

  • Selecting the right script for Intraday Trading 06:03
  • Identifying repeatable trading patterns 02:58
  • Most profitable Intraday Trading Technique 06:22
  • Let’s Trade Live! 07:26

Total  23:00 minutes

What you will learn!

Intraday Trading Stratagy
You will learn how to place high probability Intraday trades
Mobile Trading Strategies
Learn how to place,manage & analyze your trades with mobile
Trading insights
Learn how to trade in varying conditions with pro-trading skills
Chart Reading skills
Learn how to identify Intraday trend & executing trading plan
Money management
Learn how to manage funds based on varying market conditions
Case studies
Watch how we trade Intraday trades by identifying Intraday Patterns

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