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Finding the perfect new name for your website or blog can be a tricky task, But don’t worry we will teach you how to come up with a great blog name in your niche without spending countless hours searching for creative names.

How to select your Blog name in 10 Minutes! 1

I have started this website with blog name trade_psychology with Trading as niche but now I am also adding content on Blogging & Investing, From this I have learned one hard truth about blogging and website names: In general, they really do not matter.


You probably thought that your blog name was the most important part of your website, right!? Wrong.


The content matters much more than your blog name.

You can have a blog titled and if all you do is write about news, it’s not going to matter.

K then, many of you will be interested in finding a great blog name, so we will give you some basic ideas on how to choose your blog name!

The process should take you around 10 minutes if you follow correctly,

Before we start:  What is the niche of your blog?

If you’re still in selecting your blogging niche or have not settled on one yet, check out our post: 3 Steps to find profitable blog niche!

Assuming that you have found your niche you want to be in, let’s find you that great blog name!


Most “common” blog names or ideas will be taken.

In most of the cases most common names will be taken by other people or worse: domain squatters purchase popular domain names with the intent to resell them back to users for thousands of dollars.

In case you have a great blog name you are thinking about buying from these people, Please don’t do it!

The domain name will not matter in comparison to content you are producing.

When ever someone asks me what our website for & why is it etc.. they will conclude by them self by going through my blog,

But, at the end we make great money with our site, and our customers love our content.  THAT is the only thing that matters!

Your domain will not define your blog.  Your content and ability to create valuable product WILL really matter!

Most people try to create their blog names by combining two or more words together. One of the words is usually related to their business, website or purpose such as TaskForce, tradepsychology and many others

Creating a new domain name for your blog that is available doesn’t have to be a long, You can find a amazing blog name in a flash with Lean Domain Search.

How to select your Blog name in 10 Minutes! 2

Once you have the domain name, you are ready to go!!!


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What happens if you change your niche?

We all start a blog with the best of intentions to focus on our niche. But things change. And sometimes we will end up switching or varying your original idea.That’s fine.

But one of the things you’ll need to consider at that point is whether your blog name and brand are right.

Are they open-ended enough to allow a shift in direction or do you need to re-brand and start over?

It’s a difficult question to consider because we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. But if you have any doubts or ideas about possible changes, then you should choose a more open-ended, generic blog name.

However, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t. You can still change. But you might lose momentum in the process but your brand always remains the same.

Use different language:

If you’re struggling to find a unique name in your language, then consider trying a different one. Or combine words from different languages.

When you combine a foreign name with a familiar name, you can create a unique blog name.

Try using Google Translate to get some inspiration for foreign words, related or unrelated, to your brand.


Brainstorm with Pen and paper:

Sometimes the simplest tool is brainstorming. There’s nothing wrong with removing any distractions and just writing down what’s in your head. It’s a great way to clear your mind and often you’ll get more inspiration when you see words in front of you, as one idea leads to another.

You can take this one step further and invite friends and family to a brainstorming session. Everyone has a different perspective, and you’re sure to end up with ideas you hadn’t considered.


Use your own name:

Plenty of bloggers have used their own name. It works well for personal branding services, but on the flip side, it doesn’t work as well if you’re selling a product. Always use the product name in that situation.

Here is an example of self-named blog:

How to select your Blog name in 10 Minutes! 3


Choosing the ‘best’ blog name depends on your niche,products, and services. Taking time to weigh-up your options now will pay-off over time.

Try a few methods and tools. Play around with words and phrases. And, most importantly, get some feedback before making your final decision.

Check out the valuable resources from trade psychology,


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Now go out and create something awesome today!


Thanks for reading,

Mahabaleshwar Co-Founder, Trade_Psychology

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