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Free Blogging Course

Learn how to build a successful blog from scratch which generates at least $500/Month (i.e ₹35,000/month) passive income!

Free Blogging Course 1

Top 3 Reasons Why you should start your own blog…

Reason #1: You’re sick of working a regular job & want to leave it!

You know you want to quit, but don’t have 24 hours a day to work on your blog. You need fast strategies that can work with a life balance of a day job.

Reason #2: You want to make money online but are feeling overwhelmed by the process.

You’re may be thinking “how to make money blogging?”, but are still lost of where to start and what works.

Reason #3: You don’t have enough money to trade but have time to invest.

You might be worried that there is so much information to learn that you’ll never be able to find what works for you.



Free Blogging Course for Beginners

The complete Solution to start Your Blog From scratch & generate at least INR 35,000/Month passive income!

What’s Included in Blogging Course?

  • Overall 6 modules covering A-Z of blogging!
  • 30interactive lessons & with assignments & Quizzes!
  • over 4+ hours of training content with all animated video lessons!

Here’s a short overview of the topics we will be covering:

Module 1 : Introduction

  1. What is a blog? 03:40
  2. How much money can you make blogging? 02:40
  3. Quiz: Do you need to start your own blog! 04:00

Total  10:00 minutes

Module 2 : Starting a blog

  1. Lesson 1; Installing Word press, Getting a Domain & Hosting 04:50
  2. Lesson 2; Installing Blog theme 08:57
  3. Lesson 3; How to create your first blog post 06:21
  4. Lesson 4; How to create wordpress page tips 04:14
  5. Lesson 5; Adding menus 02:42
  6. Lesson 6; Customizing sidebars 01:54
  7. Lesson 7; Customizing permalinks 02:03
  8. Quiz: Launch your blog checklist! 06:00

Total  36:00 minutes

Module 3 : Designing a beautiful blog!

  1. Lesson 1; 5 tips to build an amazing website 08:00
  2. Lesson 2; Genesis frame work Vs Divi 05:04
  3. Lesson 3; Divi 3.0 Features 02:42

Total  16:00 minutes

Module 4 : Growing your blog audience

  1. What is SEO & why It matters? 05:19
  2. Creating an engaging blog post 04:03
  3. Grammarly for professional bloggers 02:32

Total    12:00 minutes

Module 5 : Digital Marketing strategies

  1. Best Email marketing tools 06:04
  2. How to collect emails from blog? 01:34
  3. Best marketing funnel system 03:28
  4. Advantage of social media services 02:04
  5. Quiz: Digital marketing checklist06:00

Total  19:00 minutes

Module 6 : Generating money from your blog!

  1. Income from Google AdSense 04:05
  2. What is Affiliate marketing? 01:53
  3. Getting started with Affiliate marketing 04:46
  4. Quiz: Launch your blog checklist! 06:00

Total  17:00 minutes

Once you complete this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Build a beautiful website using WordPress
  • Write amazing blog content that readers will love & share 
  • Get your content in front of people using variety of promotion strategies
  • Grow an email list that allows you to generate traffic & revenue on demand
  • Build a profitable business and turn your blog into a revenue generating asset!

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