As you are aware that in spite of having a sound trading skill, with advanced indicators & tools, many people are finding difficult to make consist profits from intraday trading!

As an intraday trader you need to have a certain amount of experience to generate consist income from trading, Here is the breakup on how the complete trading system is defined.

This breakup of the data is created by analyzing statistical data over the years on how people are successful in making consist profits form intraday trading.

As you can observe the following points which contribute to the success of intraday trading!

  1. Sound trading system: A sound trading system is nothing but your trading plan, based on technical analysis you need to define a trading plan, on when to enter, when to exit and how much to risk per trade! (you can check our E-COurse on Technical analysis to understand the top technical analysis used for intraday trading)
  2. Money management: Money management is the key for successful trading as in money management, you need to define the risk of money that you are willing to allocate & also how much return you want to except form intraday trading!
  3. Winning psychology: as you can see psychology contributes up to50% of training success, so learning on how to manage your emotions & to gain win consist profits from intraday trading is very much important to be a successful trader.

The major Focus is on Intraday Options trading strategies (BankNifty / Nifty), with the win ratio of over 70%.

This E-Course includes the following contents:

  • Module 1: Introduction to psychology of trading
    • Why psychology in trading plays a major role!
    • Are you psychologically fit for intraday trading!
  • Module 2: Getting started with paper trading
    • Setting up paper trading platform
    • Defining paper traders with the real market watch!
  • Module 3: Money management
    • Managing funds for intraday trading
    • Position sizing during intraday trading
  • Module 4: Case studies: How to plan trades like ninja
    • Managing risk: reward in intraday options
    • How to overcome loss in intraday trading (options trading)
  • Bonus topic
    • Is intraday trading over long-term profitable! (proof attached)


Enroll now, to master the psychology of intraday trading for consistent profits!

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Difficulty: Intermediate

mahabaleshwar mahabaleshwar

Hi, I'm a trader, My Blog is mainly concentrated about Psychological aspects of trading stock market. Also i will be sharing my live trading experiences & teachings from top market Guru's.

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