For Intraday Trading Technical analysis plays a major role in predicting the price movements, Read these 5 points on why you should take this course on Technical analysis for Intraday options trading!

  1. There are several categories of technical analysis - Price indicators, Support and Resistance levels, Momentum indicators, Volume indicators, Oscillators and Statistical price movement indicators but,
  2. When it comes to applying technical indicators realtime many traders will fail to apply correctly, due to which that leads to frequent testing of new indicators, new strategies etc.. Finally ending up with the loss.
  3. Due to this in this E-course on the TEchnical analysis, we have designed in such a way where you will be learning top 4 to 5 patterns, Indicators, analysis to predict the price movements accurately.
  4. The major Focus is on Intraday Options trading strategies (BankNifty / Nifty), with the win ratio of over 70%.
  5. Also, we have backtested data which gives you insights on best repeatable patterns to remember for Intraday trading.


This E-Course includes the following contents:

  • Module 1: Introduction to technical analysis
    • What is technical analysis
    • Why do we need to study technical analysis for profitable trading
  • Module 2: The trading technology
    • The advantage of Heikin-Ashi pattern
    • How to analyze price movements, technical assumptions
  • Module 3: Top technical indicators
    • What are technical indicators & why its used
    • How to identify Breakout patterns in intraday trading
  • Module 4: Case studies: How to identify technical chart patterns
    • Most profitable patterns in Nifty intraday options
    • Most profitable patterns in Bank nifty intraday options
  • Bonus topic
    • Does technical analysis really worked for me! (proof attached)



Enroll now, to gain the statistical edge in Intraday Options trading for consistent profits!

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