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Start a Blog & make money blogging!

Welcome to the blogging Resources Page, which contains a list of the best tools and websites we recommend for building and optimizing your blogging business.

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Blogging Tool’s

If you want to earn from your blog then you need to invest your money in these tools to help you automate the marketing strategies.

Web Hosting

Bluehost’s plans will provide hosting, bandwidth, storage and more for ₹240/month

WordPress Themes

Following are the best word press themes for blogging:

  • Divi theme
  • Avada theme
  • X theme

Landing Page

Lead Pages is the ultimate list building resource for your blog.  It’s got incredibly easy drag and drop software, and you can add your own domain name to the pages that you create.

Stock Photography

High-quality stock photography take your blogs look an appeal to the next level.

E-Mail Marketing

Convert Kit is one of the best Email marketing tool available now with advanced automation features

Sales page

Thrive Architect is the fastest and most intuitive visual editor for WordPress.

E-Commerce Store

Shopify is a complete ecommerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods.

Online Courses

Create and sell beautiful online courses with this platform used by the best online entrepreneurs worldwide.

Helpful Guides to get started!

How to select your Blog name in 10 Minutes!

Finding the perfect new name for your website or blog can be a tricky task, But don't worry we will teach you how to come up with a great blog name in your niche without spending countless hours searching for creative names. I have started this website...

How to overcome the fear of starting a blog?

Having fears and anxieties about starting a blog or new endeavor is completely normal! Learn how to overcome your fear of blogging with these steps. Following are the incidents that  I was fearful of… Trolls and people saying mean things about us Starting in the wrong...

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a term that we hear a lot in the stock market. But what does it actually mean and how can it help you with options Intraday trading? Today, we’ll cover the basics and tell you everything you need to know.   What is Technical Analysis? Technical...

3 Things that Separate Winners from Losers

Trading to me is the greatest personal endeavor a person can take on in their life. I say this because of how difficult it can be at times and how all-consuming it can be as well. It was one of the last professions that who you are and what you think of yourself is...


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