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How To Start Day Trading ?

CAPITAL MARKETS :                       Capital market or share market (as it is commonly called as) is a combination of buyers and sellers ( day trading ) not physically connected. It is a platform where trading can be done online between buyers and sellers. Many...

Why 90 % of traders lose money in stock market!

Why Trading Losses?           Every great trader and investor, and especially every bad trader and investor, has losses.   The difference between being a successful trader/investor and a failure is that we successful people know how to deal with these losses. I would...

How to start trading in Indian stock market?

Most of the people during starting stage are not aware of trading, but few of us know that you need to buy shares of a company and then if the prices go  you can sell them and get some profits. If you are interested in learning technical analysis and are new to it,...

Pivot point theory: NIFTY Options Trading

The pivot point itself is the primary support/resistance for Nifty. This means that the largest price movement is expected to occur at this price. The other support and resistance levels are less influential, but may still generate significant price movements The...

NIFTY options reaction on Surgical Strike Day !

Some few reasons why a fair number of professional traders Surgical prefer index derivatives. Liquidity - Nifty Derivatives are among the most liquid instruments in the world. You cannot ask for more. When you have big money at stake you cannot afford slippages....

The Support & Resistance: Pivot points

‘’Support and resistance represent key junctions where the forces of supply and demand meet’’ In the financial markets, prices are driven by supply (down) and demand (up). Supply is synonymous with bearish, bears and selling. Demand is synonymous with bullish, bulls...

Technical indicators

Thinking ahead with Stochastic: The stochastic oscillator is a momentum technical indicator, which uses the basic support and resistance levels and integrates them with the trend to give an accurate buy or sell signal. Using stochastic, a trader can gauge the momentum...

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