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90-day Options Trading Course

The Only Intensive Training Course,
That Teaches You How To place consistent
& Profitable trade setups with weekly options Step-By-Step!

Let’s face the truth!!!

You are here!, Due to following reasons!

You want to Learn, How to trade options the right way?
You are not earning consistent money by trading options!
You want to generate consistent passive income from options!
You are working Full-Time & want to learn how to trade positional?
You want to learn, Which options strategies works best & how to trade?

If any of the following reasons are your concern, then you are in the right place!

Anyone on YouTube can learn, How to trade options?
But, the hardest part is implementation – taking right knowledge, putting it into action, and getting consistent results.

Unfortunately, most of the people lose money by trading options the wrong way!

But, How to generate consistent income from options trading?

One big problem is the lack of a practical education in Options Trading.
You cannot learn trading options only from recorded course – because EVERY DAY Market is changing & you need to learn how to adapt the strategies based on different market conditions!

If you trade Future & Options without knowledge, you will have No Future & you will be left with No Options!

- PR sundar

So, one of the best ways to learn Options Trading is to learn from someone who is more experienced than you and WATCH them how to generate consistent Income from options!


“Which is why I put together this 90-day Options Trading Master’s course that teaches you everything you need to know about options trading.”

And the best part of MASTER’s COURSE is you will be given Membership access for 3 months! (90 days)

Following are the features & benefits of Membership @Trade _Psychology

  • Get access to Trade Analytics page, where we will be discussing weekly Trade setups
  • Get access to Monthly Live webinars! conducted by technical experts with Q&A sessions

The membership offer is a Huge give away from Trade _psychology, as we are not only providing setups but also teaching you how to implement them real-time!

You will be watching me and you can follow the steps as I do them. Each lesson will be short, actionable one. No theory and fluffs. Learn, do. Learn, do & Learn, do.


What’s Included in Master’s Course?

  • Overall 6 modules covering A-Z of options
  • Strategies with win ratio of more than 85%
  • 40interactive lessons & case studies
  • over 6+ hours of training content
  • Bonus topic on “Mobile Trading

Here’s a short overview of the topics we will be covering:

Module 1 :

  1. How to start day trading? 02:16
  2. Why options are better than trading stocks? 03:36
  3. What is CALL & PUT in options Trading? 07:06
  4. What is options chain & how to read it? 03:36
  5. Case study: How to identify support & resistance? 02:40
  6. Case Study: Does it worked as we predicted? 05:45

Total  24:00 minutes

Module 2 :

  1. Why are you not making profit in options trading?  03:49
  2. What is risk: reward & how to you trade Intraday? 13:09
  3. Why we cannot be the perfect trader? 03:31
  4. The secrets of money management! 04:09
  5. Is Intraday trading a kind of gambling? 04:56
  6. How to trade Intraday for weekly options? 04:48

Total  33:00 minutes

Module 3 :

  1. How to be consistent in options trading? 02:27
  2. How to reduce maximum loss in buying options? 06:50
  3. What is vertical spread & how to decide? 01:40
  4. What is Iron Condor strategy? 09:14
  5. Case Study: How to trade ‘vertical spread’? 05:17
  6. Case Study: How to trade ‘IRON CONDOR’? 07:17
  7. Case Study: How to trade ‘Butterfly Hedging’? 09:54
  8. Case Study: How to trade ‘Calendar spreads’? 07:38

Total  49:00 minutes

Module 4 :

  1. How to manage the stop loss in options Trading? 03:00
  2. What is Win ratio & the probability of success? 03:40
  3. What are options Greeks & how to interpret them? 10:39
  4. Elements need to be considered while trading options? 02:51
  5. What is time decay in options & how to predict? 01:20
  6. What is Volatility INDEX & what it signifies? 02:09
  7. Important to identify Volatility in options trading? 02:00
  8. How to measure volatility real-time? 02:06
  9. Case Study: Time decay in Bank Nifty weekly options 01:50

Total    28:00 minutes

Module 5 :

  1. Who is the TOP retail trader for INDEX options? 08:52
  2. How he trades INDEX options real-time analysis? 12:27
  3. What is Hedging adjustments & how to apply them? 10:02
  4. How to be successful ‘options Trader’? 10:01

Total  41:00 minutes

Module 6 : Bonus

  1. How to select the right script for Intraday trading?  03:04
  2. What happens, If you trade against Trend? 02:22
  3. How to identify repeatable patterns in mobile trading? 03:34
  4. How to predict the pattern formation in mobile trading? 03:43
  5. Most profitable Intraday technique with mobile trading! 03:00
  6. What are tricks required for mobile trading? 03:59
  7. Case study: The most repeatable pattern analysis 02:14
  8. Case study: Live trading with mobile! 03:00
  9. Case study: Live trading with trend analysis! 02:15
  10. Principles of Trade_ Psychology 04:40

Total  31:00 minutes

Once you complete this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Master the concepts of options trading
  • Place high probability trades with INDEX options
  • Adjust your positions if the Trade goes wrong direction
  • Able to predict the market direction for weekly & Monthly expiry
  • Trade options with a consistent strategy that produces regular income

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