Why Trade Options?

Consistent Income

Generate consistent income by placing trades with high probabilities of success.

Money in Any Market

Whether the market is up, down, or sideways, you can use options to profit consistently.

Trade Adjustments

Options give you the flexibility to adjust trades in a way that minimizes losses and maximizes gains.

Options as a Business

Trading Options is the cheapest business you can start up and start profiting right away.

What we teach

Technical Analysis

Learn basic technical indicators for identifying short term & medium term trends

Portfolio Management

Learn the essence of investing in stocks & maintaining the stocks for long term benifits

Mobile Trading

Master trading skills to trade independently with your smartphone from anywhere!

Backoffice management

If you don’t have time to trade intraday, learn how to trade after hours through back office management

Trading Psychology

Learn how psychology in trading affects your decision making & how to improve win ratio

Beginner guides

Read basics of stock market from top investors & traders to upgrade your trading skills

Learn from Pro

Seek guidance from professional traders & investors for effective money management

Options Stratagies

Learn various options strategies & how to implement them on varying market conditions

All you need is a Laptop & an Internet connection

Yes, you can make money from any where in the world unless you have right knowledge of trading options,

Trading videos

Take a look at different sections in our youtube channel.

Options Trader

Hey traders, welcome to my tradepsychology blog, I’m mahabaleshwar, a professional blogger from karnataka, India.

I started tradepsychology as a passion to teach how to trade options the right way, Options provide great opportunities to the traders intraday. By proper knowledge of technical analysis with live case studies you can learn how to consistently make profits by trading options.

Here at tradepsychology, I write about Options trading stratagies, Live case studies, video lessons, and much more!

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